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Belleville Washers & Screws, KTM Factory Clutch 2013-2021

Part Number 920385
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Belleville Washers & Screws, KTM Factory Clutch 2013-2021
Belleville Washers & Screws, KTM Factory Clutch 2013-2021
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The new KTM 50cc 2013-2021 motorcycle comes with a disc clutch assembly. This clutch is adjustable and can be upgraded with Intuitive Racing’s HD springs and Heavy Duty Chromoly steel Fit bolts.

Built into the KTM 50cc clutch assembly is a cushioning system designed to soften the hard hit when engaging at high RPM’s. This cushioning system consists of two opposing conical spring washers between the gear and Fit Bolt Plate. When the clutch engages the conical spring washers compress and take away the initial hard hit. KTM did this to avoid excessive stress to the clutch hub and gear, many of you might remember the issues years ago with the KTM 50cc hubs breaking from the lack of a cushioning system.

 When the clutch gets hot the conical spring washers can weaken that will cause excessive slip. Until now the only way to fix the weak conical spring washers was to purchase an entire new assembly at almost $600.00. Intuitive Racing has designed thicker and stronger conical spring washers made from high quality steel that will not sack out when exposed to heat like the thin factory spring washers and will only cost you $19.95. Installation is simple, just disassemble the clutch and replace the conical spring washers with the new stronger and thicker Intuitive Racing’s conical spring washers. Your clutch will come back to life with full lock up while still maintaining the cushioning effect.


  • Made from high quality spring steel to exacting standards
  • Thicker and 23% stronger than the factory KTM Washers
  • Improves performance
  • Better lock up
  • Saves $$$
  • Needed by all serious racers
  • Includes 12 replacement screws
  • Includes instructions

Click here for Owner's Manual