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EFS-RS 125 Instructions

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Frame Sliders


Congratulations! You have just purchased the world’s finest frame sliders. These sliders have been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your motorcycle in the unfortunate event of a crash.  During a crash they help prevent damage to the swing arm caused by the foot peg.


Important: Please read all instructions before beginning work! These Frame Sliders are designed to install on top of the stock foot peg mounting bracket.  Note: The four 8 x 40 mm bolts are used when installing the frame slider base on top of the stock foot peg mounting bracket.  It may be necessary to use different length mounting bolts if spacers are used between the frame and foot peg mounting bracket or when using foot peg mounting brackets that are not the stock thickness.  It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation.



1.       Remove the four 8 x 30mm bolts from the foot peg mounting brackets.  Four 8 x 40mm bolts supplied in the kit are used in place of the original bolts.

2.       Install the frame slider base on top of the foot peg mounting bracket using the four 8 x 40mm bolts.  The flat side of the frame slider base faces forward.

3.       Tighten the four 8 x 40mm bolts to the factory tightening torque specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

4.       Install the plastic frame sliders using the two 10 x 45mm bolts.  Apply a locking agent to the bolt threads prior to installation.  The tightening torque for the two 10mm bolts is 18 ft-lb.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.







                                    Kit Contents                                                                                        Proper Installation


Included in this kit:

(4) Bolts 8 x 40mm                                                  (2) Bolts 10 x 45mm

(2) Plastic Frame Slider                                           (2) Aluminum Frame Slider Base

(2) Aluminum bushing (pressed into slider)



Part No. FS-RS125

Phone: (760) 598-2105