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IRP Nytro Oil

Part Number 920898
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IRP Nytro Oil
IRP Nytro Oil
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Intuitive Race Products NYTRO Clutch Lubricant
Selling Since 1983 and is the BEST Clutch Lubricant on the market today. With over 500,000 Quarts sold over the last 30+ years, it is the #1 Choice for Rider and Mechanics that demand the best!
Doesn't matter what brand bike, Cobra, Polini, KTM, PRC or LEM, Races are Won using this Lubricant!
Formulated for transmissions that featuring a centrifugal clutch system!
Cools better and maintains a perfect balance of friction and lubrication for a more consistent engagement of clutch than any brand of lubricant. NYTRO Clutch Lubricant has shown to reduce costs by up to 50% when considering the replacement parts from heat damage and lowering the amount of fluid changes needed.

    Super Light weight oil produces the perfect balance of lubrication and Friction.
    Works in all transmissions that feature Gears, Bearings and Centrifugal Clutches.
    Extends clutch spring life by 2X longer than other fluids
    Better starts due to better lock up of the clutch
    Colored clear to allow you to analyze oil for clutch engagement and wear

 The NYTRO oil is clear and has no dyes to hide what is happening inside your clutch systems. This allows you to see when the oil needs to be changed, and if there is any wear on the clutch friction pads.
NYTRO oil delivers the best balance of controlled Friction and reduced temperature friction and pressure plate protection. It has an additional anti-wear and proprietary IRP additive which are perfectly designed to protect high performance motorcycles that feature a centrifugal clutch system. It has proven to improve engine performance, lengthens oil life, decreases sludge and neutralizes corrosive alkalinity, prolongs use of transmission and clutch springs, pressure plates, clutch discs and bearing.
Can you afford not to add this extra protection from heat? The cost of repairing the average clutch is between $100-$350 dollars, all this due to overheating caused from slipping. That is more expensive than preventing it to begin with by using NYTRO Oil. This product outlasts any other product on the market!